What the Battle of Midway Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity Assessment

Intelligence always has a place in successful military campaigns. Rarely has the collection of data — and the subsequent ability to draw intelligent conclusions from it — served such a pivotal role as it did in the three-day Battle of Midway in June 1942, when the U.S. Navy defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy. In fact, […]

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Queen Elizabeth vs. The Spanish Armada: Business Intelligence Management

Learning never stops. It’s true in business, in life, and it’s true on the battlefield.  Whether you’re discussing the military tactics of a country, the finesse of a business or the decisions of a reigning monarch, intelligence always gives an advantage — and a lack of it almost always leads to a loss. That’s why we’re looking […]

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How Hannibal Used Emotional Intelligence to Defeat the Romans at Trebia

When you apply business intelligence management to utilize the emotional motivations of a market or competitor, the results can trigger an overwhelming victory. One of the most impressive historical examples of this is how Hannibal used emotional intelligence to gain allies and defeat the Romans at Trebia during the first major conflict of the Second […]

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