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Data is a universal language these days — on the network and in the cloud — and always within reach of multiple users. This is causing increasing complexity and challenges for IT Risk Management, including:


  • Inaccurate risk assessment due to Shadow IT
  • Risk of non-compliance with internal and external policies
  • Greater IT time and cost pressures — growing number of apps, passwords and user logins to manage
  • Unmonitored access to data due to lack of secure cloud access or time-consuming login processes that users avoid

Whether you’re the next presidential candidate, an IT executive or an entry-level programmer, what is of paramount importance in this digital age of cloud app accessibility, is safeguarding corporate information to the highest level.

As mobile devices and use of cloud apps continue to proliferate, it is incumbent upon IT corporations to step up their investment in intellectual property protection. Your employees are using cloud (SaaS) applications on a daily basis to manage projects, share files and exchange data. Even the most trustworthy cloud applications pose immense security risks for your firm’s data if not properly managed.

The importance of being informed on the leading protection software available, and where to attain it, cannot be over stated.

Posting electronic content in the digital information age has always been met with the challenge of controlling the level of dissemination. When you hit Send or Submit, you need to be sure the confidential and sensitive data intended for a particular party, reaches them — and only them — securely. And if you have a lingering doubt, is there a way or system to reverse the process?

DataSync Technologies has developed a solution to help protect sensitive and confidential information online. The tools we have developed allow users to redact or reverse the dissemination of data process manually or automatically. Moreover, as sophisticated ways to mask or hide information have not, until now, been available, we have designed our WP Redactor (WordPress Plugin) to allows users to redact content in a number of ways using a custom menu item and short code – Learn more about this technology.

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Only products by DataSync Technologies give you wide visibility and control of how users access data through our comprehensive solutions that provide complete information protection.

Our consulting excellence and real-time solutions for customers with complex information technology are here to serve your every data protection need. 

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