DataSync is a leader in data mining for business intelligence in Washington, DC, McLean, VA and beyond. We are a 2015 SECAF Contractor of the Year award finalist and a longstanding partner of some of the leading organizations in the defense and intelligence industries.

Let us help you define the problems that are affecting your organization and leverage sophisticated, data-driven solutions to position you for continued growth and success.

What Is Data Mining?

The terms data mining and data analysis are often used interchangeably. While there is considerable overlap between the two practices, data mining deals specifically with the creation and development of algorithms that automate the discovery and prediction processes. By creating advanced predictive models, data mining analysts help organizations anticipate future challenges, make strategic planning decisions and mitigate threats. Data mining also frequently involves correlating large amounts of information from disparate sources.

How Data Mining Can Benefit Your Organization

Prediction is a crucial end result of data mining. In practice, data mining is a multi-step process:

  • Defining the problem: Data mining begins with defining the problem you want to solve. Understanding and appreciating the scope of the issue will dictate search and analysis strategies. For example, a business may want to know why a particular product isn’t selling as well as the competition. To find an accurate answer to this question, it’s necessary to know who is buying their product, who is buying their competitors’, where these sales are taking place, and more.
  • Gathering the data: Once you know what you’re looking for, data must be gathered and sorted to facilitate searching. Big data is, of course, big, and to mine useful information out of it, it must be gathered selectively and arranged into smaller datasets that can be scanned for patterns and connections.
  • Building the model: The success or failure of a data mining project rests on the effectiveness of the analytical models being deployed. As the project progresses, models should be robust enough to sustain revision and ensure results remain within the scope of the initial questions being asked.
  • Deploying the findings: When done right, data mining will uncover hidden insights about your organization that go beyond conventional wisdom and help you make more effective long-term decisions. The value of data mining is inherently predictive. By taking large amounts of information and uncovering trends and correlations, you know where to allocate resources in the future and can refine your processes accordingly.

Our Capabilities

DataSync Technologies provides data mining and business intelligence for federal contractors in the Washington, DC area. We use modeling with Business Intelligence software to extract insights about your organization’s past, present and future. This helps you predict changes, refine and streamline your processes, and manage risks more effectively.

Data mining is a key component of American security and defense efforts. To better serve our partners in these sectors, DataSync has invested in the technology and resources necessary to perform complex data mining operations in a secured environment.

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