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Data analytics software is a big investment for any government agency. The right platform can have a critical impact on your ability to use business intelligence insights to your advantage. ServiceNow is one of many tools available to government contractors that can simplify their processes, improve service, reduce overhead costs and speed up the product development lifecycle. Used together with other business intelligence and data visualization tools, it provides a platform for effectively accessing and managing big data in the cloud.

Moving to the Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities

There is currently a strong push for federal defense and intelligence communities to move to the cloud. For government agencies, ServiceNow and related platforms can provide a number of highly useful benefits, including:

  • Improved services: Moving big data to the cloud means less time is spend managing legacy equipment. This frees up resources that can be dedicated to driving innovation and improving the customer experience. When your team can access intelligence more effectively, it speeds up decision making and allows them to create better, more effective products.
  • Reduced costs: Lower overhead expenses are another key benefit of moving big data to the cloud. Aside from lower hardware expenses, platforms such as ServiceNow allow federal government agencies to implement lights out, zero-touch automation in place of previously manual tasks that add to staffing costs.

Making the most of cloud-based big data analytics requires overcoming a number of challenges. If not planned properly, the migration process can be long and expensive. Thorough planning and data consolidation is required ahead of time. It may also be necessary to overcome the entrenched culture of your business — moving to leaner, more streamlined organizational structures based on Agile or DevOps methodologies can help you realize the benefits of the cloud sooner.

In short, the move to ServiceNow or a related cloud-based solution is not only a matter of data migration. It is also a matter of cultural change.

Is ServiceNow the Right Big Data Platform for Your Organization?

ServiceNow is the only enterprise service management platform authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Joint Authorization Board (JAB) for federal government use. Capable of addressing a number of needs and capabilities, it is a flexible platform that can deliver value for defense and intelligence contractors.

However, it is not the only solution available. In all likelihood, your organization may benefit most from a combination of tools including more than ServiceNow, such as Tableau, Cognos, Qlik and/or ZoomData. For this reason, it is important to partner with an independent consultant who can ease the transition to the cloud.

How DataSync Can Help

DataSync is a Washington, DC-based ServiceNow consultant for the defense and intelligence industry. We specialize in helping organizations improve business intelligence using sophisticated, cloud-based solutions for managing big data. One of our team members will assess your needs and determine the technical, cultural and organizational changes necessary to help you use the intelligence at your fingertips more effectively.

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