Cloud Architecture and Engineering

Data is essential to any organization. For the intelligence community, it is also a matter of national security. Contractors who effectively leverage the capabilities of the cloud to deliver data-driven software solutions for their clients will be better positioned to develop more innovative products and achieve long-term success.

DataSync is a Washington, DC consulting firm specializing in software engineering and cloud architecture for defense and intelligence contractors. With award-winning technical capabilities and a collaborative approach to problem solving that drives innovation in everything we do, DataSync is a leader in cloud architecture for the intelligence community.

Key Concerns for the Intelligence Community

Cloud architecture must deliver a number of specialized characteristics to meet the needs of the intelligence community. These include scalability, security and the flexibility to incorporate Agile methodologies at all stages of the product development lifecycle. While Amazon Web Services’ GovCloud provides a simple solution for meeting these requirements, organizations face a number of specific challenges when migrating data to it and related platforms. These include:

  • Streamlining the migration process to reduce downtime and maintain business continuity
  • Integrating data to enhance productivity
  • Maintaining compliance with applicable regulations
  • Giving employees tools to access data more effectively  

Making the Cloud Work for You

When properly applied, the cloud is a powerful tool for implementing advanced software solutions and developing stronger products in a faster manner. In the intelligence community, effective cloud architecture can deliver a number of benefits, including:

  • Faster businesses decision-making, using the most recent data available
  • Expedited testing and staging that speeds up the product development cycle
  • The ability to project and forecast future trends, and respond accordingly
  • More meaningful collaborations between management, development and operations teams
  • Greater efficiency and lower overhead costs

How to best leverage the cloud depends on the nature of your business and its stakeholders, your organizational culture and a number of other factors. Identifying how best to proceed is where DataSync comes in.

Working With DataSync

Our core capabilities include software engineering and software architecture in both traditional and cloud-based environments. We can provide design and consulting services that help you make the most of the cloud, and our team includes highly skilled professionals with expertise in AWS GovCloud, ServiceNow, Agile and DevOps methodologies, and more. We can give you the tools you need to manage risk, improve efficiency and keep critical data safe at all times. Get in touch with DataSync today to learn more.

Our Partners

Partnerships with industry leaders enable DataSync to provide more effective cloud architecture consulting for the intelligence community. We use Cognos, SPSS and Tableau software for business intelligence and predictive data analytics, Informatica’s tools for data integration, and a number of other advanced platforms.

Working for DataSync

We are always on the lookout for new team members with experience in software engineering and cloud architecture for the intelligence community. Visit our Careers page to browse available opportunities and learn more about working at DataSync.

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