Development and Operations (DevOps) for the Intelligence Community

The DevOps model stresses the need for greater collaboration and integration of goals between software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams. DevOps grew out of the movement towards Agile software development but, whereas Agile is a set of broad principles, DevOps works to translate thought into action through organizational change. Agile and DevOps complement each other greatly, particularly in government and the intelligence community, where there is a clear need for more versatile management systems.

Why DevOps?

As more enterprise applications and platforms move to the cloud, government and military contractors will be required to meet increasingly tight software development goals on increasingly small budgets. DevOps provides a way to meet these challenges by engaging ops teams early in the development process. This allows for improved accountability, fewer barriers between development and delivery, and an increased sense of ownership over a project.

Ultimately, DevOps provides a framework for building better products, faster. A DevOps toolkit encompasses several different areas, including cultural changes, continuous integration, automated testing and more. These tools are applied throughout the software development lifecycle, from the planning stages to QC, release and ongoing support.

By unifying these areas under a common goal, greater participation is achieved and quality is improved across the board. For government contractors with demanding clients, these are important benefits that can drive success and profitability over the long term.

The Importance of DevOps for the Intelligence Community

For government contractors, DevOps can speed up the product development lifecycle and make it easier to fix problems as they arise. As the demand for cloud-based and AWS-based products continues to increase, the benefits of DevOps can help your organization stay ahead of the curve and meet changing client demands. When paired with Agile software development principles, successfully implementing DevOps practices can be a key to staying successful in a demanding industry.

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