Supporting the mobile workforce through secure, responsive and intuitive apps is a key concern for defense and intelligence contractors. Attracting top talent requires offering flexible ways for your team to work—too often, this is seen as something at odds with the security requirements of federal contracting.

With assistance from the sophisticated mobile development team at DataSync Technologies, however, your organization can enjoy the benefits of mobilization without jeopardizing regulatory compliance. We employ a broad range of software development expertise to create powerful and secure mobile platforms for today’s forward-thinking federal defense contractors.

Benefits of Mobility

Mobile development is the fastest-growing IT platform today. Just as consumers are trading their oversized desktops for tablets and smartphones, employees in a wide range of industries and finding new ways to work and collaborate. Mobilization makes data accessible to team members while on the go, and also reduces duplication of files and provides a convenient portal for engaging with collaborators and other stakeholders. A purpose-built mobile or web-based app also provides you with more granular control over security and access.

To find out more about how DataSync’s mobile development services can benefit your organization, contact our head office directly.

Mobile Software Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services division has a proven track record of providing sophisticated technical solutions for federal government agencies and contractors. Our expertise encompasses mobile and cloud-based software architecture and engineering, testing, technical documentation, configuration management and more. We operate at the forefront of emerging technological and cultural trends, and can identify opportunities for deploying tools such as social media, gamification and cloud storage in a manner that helps you achieve your business goals.

At DataSync Technologies, business units work together in a collaborative environment. Our mobile development team has access to the big data analytics expertise of our Business Intelligence unit. This allows us to develop more effective applications from the ground up, by identifying trends and opportunities and incorporating them into application design at the UX and UI levels.

Why DataSync Technologies?

DataSync is proud to be a partner to the intelligence and defense communities in Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC area. We have a network of contractors working remotely who rely on mobile solutions to communicate, collaborate and share data. Who better to entrust with your own mobile development than a company that relies on sophisticated internal solutions? In short, we know the technical demands and security clearance requirements of your industry, and we have the proven expertise to deliver solutions that meet them while contributing to the ongoing success of your team members and your organization as a whole.

We have been named one of Washingtonian magazine’s 50 Great Places to Work in the DC area. We have also been a finalist for SECAF’s Contractor of the Year award. Our reputation, both for mobile development expertise and as a forward-thinking company, is unparalleled in our industry.

Let us help you develop a mobile solution for your organization. Contact our head office to speak with one of our software engineers and discuss your proposed project’s requirements in greater detail.

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