Washingtonian Great Places to Work 2017 Announcement

Great Places to Work Washingtonian 2017 logo

At the forefront of today’s hi-tech marketplace, it’s easy for companies to allow competitive edge and profit margins to dominate a corporation’s agenda. Healthy working environments,
professional development, paid leave and community relations often don’t rank high in an organization’s overall profile.

There are, however, exceptions to this trend. An increasing number of corporations and organizations are working hard to improve their humanistic image, and the all-around care and professional support they offer their employees.

To this end, Washingtonian — a DC Metro are lifestyle publication — publishes its list of Great Places to Work in the DC Area biannually. For the Second Consecutive Year, DataSync has received this coveted award. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating a fulfilling, integrated environment for its staff.

The Award

The award was initiated in the late 90s, and acknowledges 50 distinguished employers when released. These companies vary from major corporations to smaller firms.  

The list represents a cross section of industries, including nonprofits, IT Firms, contractors, government organizations and more. They don’t rank the list due to the high levels of diversity among the businesses.

How Are the Winners Chosen?

Winners are announced after a thorough evaluation of more than 8,000 employee surveys and 200 applications. The award is determined based on such factors as an organization’s professional development opportunities, their average pay and benefits, contribution to the larger community and efforts at work/life balance.

This year’s 50 winning work environments were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Generous compensation and benefits
  • Stimulating work environment
  • Healthy work/social balance
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Financial security
  • Established community service
  • Acknowledgment of employee achievements

2017 winners in the Washington DC area were chosen when a panel of editors reviewed almost 200 companies and more than 8,000 employee surveys. The final results drew heavily on the scores given by a company’s employees. It’s kind of like the Screen Actors Guild Awards®, where the professional actors themselves vote on the quality and integrity of their own industry.

The winners are invariably the “real deal” — and deservedly so.

The Best Is Yet to Come

DataSync — the ultimate provider of data science services in Washington DC — is much more than an award-winning work environment. It’s the ideal tech company to begin or expand your IT career.

While justifiably proud of winning the Washingtonian Best Places to Work in 2017 for the second consecutive term, it is our resolute intention to continue investing in the professional growth and success of our staff. We intend to expand opportunities for professional development, while promoting appreciation of our work colleagues, their families and our larger community. To learn more about DataSync, look through our current openings and browse the perks and advantages of working for this leading data service provider.